Get to Know the Charming Exotic Flowers

Exotic Flowers
Exotic Flowers

The word exotic is not something unfamiliar to the ear. This word refers to identifying non-native species, including plants and flowers. Exotic flowers, also known as introduced flowers, are foreign blooms that are popularized in another region. Due to their unusual beauty, these blooms could become invasive and even dominate the area.

Exotic Flowers

Exotic Flowers in Indonesia
Exotic Flowers in Indonesia

Exotic flowers are also favored by many for their outstanding adaptability. One of the most well-known characteristics of these blooms is their bright, vivid, and cheerful colors. Besides their extraordinary beauty, these flowers bear heavier significance. Each one of them represents a special and meaningful message. So, no further explanation needs to be said for why exotic flowers attract a lot of admirers.

List of Exotic Flowers You Need to Remember

There are a lot of magnificent exotic blooms out there that you may have encountered before but have no idea about their names. So, here’s a list of exotic flowers for you!

List Exotic Flowers
  • Hyacinth
  • Lotus
  • Plumeria
  • Calla Lily
  • Amaryllis
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Anthurium
  • Protea
  • Seaside Mahoe
  • Pale Alyssum

The Most Famous Exotic Flowers


If you spot flowers with bell-shaped petals and glossy leaves, that’s a hyacinth. This exotic flower is native to the Mediterranean region and tropical Africa. Besides being known for their attractive colors, hyacinths are also famous for their highly fragrant scent. These mid-spring blooms represent sincere feelings and are often used in arrangements to add a pop of colors. You can find hyacinths in various colors, such as purple, white, yellow, and pink. The rarest color of hyacinth would be blue. In bouquets, hyacinths are often paired with roses and lilies.

Calla Lily

Dainty and elegant, are the perfect words to describe the presence of calla lily. According to Greek culture, this flower is a symbol of majestic beauty. Native to South Africa, calla lilies have many names. One of them is the trumpet lily because of the shape of the bloom. You might think the colorful outer part of the bloom is the petal of this flower. For a fact, that it turns out to be a part of calla lilies’ leaves. The spiky part inside is the actual flower.  That’s why calla lily is a one-of-a-kind exotic flower 

Contrary to its alluring appearance, the calla lily is poisonous to be consumed by humans and animals. Consuming this flower may cause severe diarrhea with burning sensations all over your mouth and throat. Therefore, if you decide to decorate your house with calla lily, make sure to place it somewhere safe from children and pets. 


You might already be familiar with this exotic bloom. Plumeria or frangipani is famous as the Hawaiian Lei flower often used to symbolize invitation and welcome greetings. It is also a symbol of appreciation to value others’ hard work. Giving this flower to a lover would be a good idea because it represents everlasting love. This flower is commonly used as decoration in vacation resorts to add sentimental touch and a romantic atmosphere.

One of its most popular characteristics is the yellow tint on the center of the flower. Meanwhile, the outer part of the petals could be white or pink. Plumeria is also famous for its scent. This flower has a fresh and calming attractive fragrance. That’s why this flower is no stranger to the perfumery world.


This exotic flower is considered sacred to Hinduism and Buddhism. The dreamy and holly presence of this bloom is the reason for the lotus’ popularity. Lotus is a highly respected flower according to several cultures and mythology. This unique bloom is also very adaptive to its environment.

The most eye-catching characteristic of this gorgeous bloom is the overlapping symmetrical petals. Lotus exist in a variety of colors, such as white, pink, blue, red, purple, and yellow. According to floriography, every single color of a flower has its meaning. Red and pink lotus carry romantic messages. Meanwhile, blue and purple roses represent bravery and nobility.


Amarylis as Exotic Flowers
Amarylis as Exotic Flowers

Amaryllis is native to South Africa. Amaryllis is one of the most beloved exotic flowers to cultivate. The stunning flower demands the minimum effort of maintenance. You don’t even need to water the plant or provide a certain type of soil. The adaptability skill of the plant is well-reflected in its symbolic meaning, which is strength.

Amaryllis is available in several colors. Such as red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, green, and even multi-colors. Originally, this majestic bloom was fragrance-free until fragrant amaryllis was found and popularized. The scent of amaryllis has hints of water lily and daffodil, a perfect sweet and fresh combination. The fragrance of this exotic bloom is usually captured in scented candles and perfume.

Beautiful Exotic Flowers for Your Special Day

Plumeria Exotic Flowers
Plumeria Exotic Flowers

Nothing is stopping you from beautifying your special day with colorful flowers. Flowers are more than just simple decorations. Research stated that flowers have impacts on humans, in fact, a positive one. With delicate and vivid petals, pleasing fragrances, and a romantic presence, explains why flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. 

No one questioned flowers’ ability to create an intimate connection and a comforting atmosphere. You have a limitless amount of options since flowers are available in any colors you could mention. The only action needed to enhance your special moment is to choose the right flower to match your taste. If you want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, yellow plumeria would be the perfect option for you. And if you desire to create a joyful atmosphere, orang calla lily and yellow amaryllis would be a fantastic duo.

Where to Buy Exotic Flowers

If you desire to possess these beauties, you can go to nearby florists or flower delivery services. Flower delivery services would send your flowers into the front of your door. Or maybe, on someone else’s door if you intend to send bouquets as gifts. Even though flowers speak words on their own, nothing is stopping you from adding cards and notes. It would make the flower bouquet feels more special.

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