Tulip Flower: A Love Symbol that Perfect for Home Decoration

Tulip Flower
Tulip Flower

Nowadays, human expression can be shown in many ways. Among those popular things that are always connected with love, there’s one thing that people are familiar with the most. Can you guess what’s that? Yup, a flower! Many flowers are capable to present a variety of expressions. Tulip belong to them.

Tulip Flower Meaning

Tulip Flower Meaning
Tulip Flower Meaning

We believe almost all of you are already familiar with the tulip flower. The population of tulips is quite big where you can find it anywhere. Talking about it, it’s not wrong if we say that the tulip flower is indeed beautiful. Is there any place that classifies tulip flower as a bad thing? We surely bet not.

Tulip flower is not only beautiful in the eyes that makes you want to bring it home to please your aesthetic instinct, but it’s also rich in the term of meaning.

Yup, the tulip is well-known as a flower type that represents love. Love in a tulip is universal where it’s not only limited to your lover only, but it also can portray your conditional love to your parents, siblings, or child. That’s why many people know tulip and often give it to their special person.

Furthermore, through its beautiful look, the tulip flower goes more than what most people know so far. Besides the meaning of love it has, the tulip is also popular to represent rebirth.

If you think these two meanings are enough, hold on! A tulip can also represent the charity. Starting from the Victorian Era, the tulip has been used as a charity item due to the strong “cheerful nature” atmosphere it has.

Type of Tulip Flower

Type Tulip Flower
Type Tulip Flower

As one of the flowers that look appealing so people love it, tulip that usually blooms in April and May has some characteristics. For example, It’s rich and has a variety of colors. Later, the tulip is also known for its different kinds of types. Here is the type of this beautiful flower you need to know:


  • Darwin Hybrid Tulips


This type of tulip is identical for its long-lasting flower and the vibrant petal color that makes it becomes a type of tulip that you frequently see on any landscape portrait.


  • Double Tulips


Do you know that tulip can fix your bad sleep habit? Double tulips as one of the most popular types that can do it.


  • Fringed Tulips


Fringed tulips show uniqueness where their petals are unlike those ordinary tulips. They are identical for petals that are edged with finely cut fringes.


  • Greigii Tulips


Tulip and purple are two things that can’t be separated, but in Greigii Tulips, the petals of this flower come in a diversity of colors. For example, it’s often come in yellow or orange.

Tulip Flower Arrangement

Tulip Arrangements
Tulip Arrangements

A flower is the best way to complete your room decoration. Head over heels with tulip flower and can’t get rid of it? Why not bring tulip to your room as it’s good to glow up your sense of decorating or fix your sleep habit?

Usually, people arrange a few petals of tulip flower in a vase that come in many designs and different sizes. You might run out of ideas on how to handle its gorgeousness in one single vase, so here are tulip flower arrangement ideas you can consider trying.

Tulip Arrangements Idea


  • Tulips + Zebra Leaf Arrangement


This arrangement is perfect if you want to create a tropical-themed, rich beach and summer atmosphere. You can use zebra leaf, then combine it with a few petals of tulip flower in one vase. The combination of those two is so eye-pleasing.


  • Variety of Tulip Colors Arrangement


As we mentioned above, tulip comes in many colors. The variety of it can inspire some decoration ideas. Yes, you can use multi-colored tulip colors as an arrangement to make a beautiful flower vase for your room.


  • Calming Arrangement


Having a tough day and home is the only direction where you can release your stress? Fulfill back your energy with a calming arrangement of tulips. You can combine the soft-colored tulips, for example, white, pink, and sage, then put them in a vase.


  • Simple Arrangement


Tired of doing do and that but end up not satisfying you? Crafting tulip flower arrangements can be exhausting sometimes. If you’re more into classic stuff, you can arrange petals of tulip that consist of one color only in a mini vase. It’s perfect for your kitchen decoration.

Tulip Flower Bouquet

Tulip Bouquet
Tulip Bouquet

After hunting for some tulip arrangements that usually use the vase, you might think that tulip is only for decoration purposes. You’re not wrong, but tulip is more than what you think.

Besides using it to level up your room, the tulip is also suitable for a gift idea where it can be found as a bouquet for many occasions.

Tulip flower bouquet usually combines a few types of tulip petals that are crafted beautifully to be presented to its receiver, for example, those you love the most or those who celebrate something.

Tulip Poplar Flower

Tulip Poplar
Tulip Poplar

Have you ever heard tulip poplar instead of tulip flower? Well, here is the fact. Tulip poplar is a hardwood tree that belongs to a member of the magnolia tree family. Beside we can growing tulips by ourself, there are also tulip tree that grow in the United States.

Tulip poplar grows well in the United States where its heights can reach 160 feet to 190 feet. Later, it was classified as a tree that grew fast.

According to its name, tulip poplar is producing tulip flower that blooms perfectly in spring if it is being raised in the United States. For other countries, the tulip flower usually blooms in June, a bit later.

There’s one fact that makes tulips poplar interesting where the flower it produces is not coming in purple-colored tulip we’d familiar with so far. Rather than purple, tulip flower bloom in pale green to yellow-colored, reminding of summer.

Apart from how the tulip flower from its tree looks, the poplar itself is beneficial for industrial purposes. Because low-cost, wood of tulip can be used to craft furniture, flooring, and others. In other words, tulip poplar is a home-friendly material for decoration.

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